Born and raised from a Buddhist family, Educated in a Catholic school that resides in an Islamic neighborhood. 

Aitoy grew up with the multi-cultural society. These different ideologies and beliefs made a cultural confusing topic in his childhood, but also allowed him to see the world from diverse perspectives. 

The development of his style has been grounded by American comics and western fantasy illustrations. 

In his recent collections he experimented with the art style that was birthed from propaganda futurism that was popular among dictatorships during World War II, The early 20th Century geometric form in his perception, it seemed to both mold the human figure into a larger than life futuristic entity and imprison human body at the same time.

Aitoy always display his background’s forming the ideology about beliefs, philosophy, politics and cultures through shapes, light and shadow those becoming his visual interpretation expressing confidence and power. 

His artworks release the ideas through physical human postures, 2 dimensional landscapes and full of symbolic elements. 

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